Wealth Masterclass: Creating and Preserving Wealth

This Masterclass doesn't pull any punches: it will teach you how the instructor created millions of dollars in his online business and how he preserves that wealth through his investments and how you can too.

DISCLAIMER: While the instructor demonstrates through personal examples, and real-life case studies how he and others have accumulated wealth and preserve it, the presentation should not be construed as personal investment advice or recommendations. The masterclass is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

The time to create a wealth plan and learn how to preserve it is before you need it

Sudden decline in your salary, lay-offs and economic hardships can affect your judgement, mess with your emotions, make you decide on things that are not in your best interest. This group mentoring program helps you operate at near 100% efficiency in good or bad economic conditions, generates automatic income with potential capital appreciation.

The Plan can be managed easily, even from the top of a mountain, on a smart phone or tablet. Join and discover what 40+ years of entrepreneurial and investing experience has taught me about making money and putting money to work at with continuous efficiency and maximum returns that anyone can do

How Do I Access The Class Materials?

When you purchase the Masterclass online you will register unique username and password of your choice that grants you access to the class videos. The videos are on a secure area of our website with links to watch and access the materials. The course materials are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Any updates to the course material will automatically be available to you without additional charge in this area of our website.

Do I Need Any Special Software?

The downloadable portions of course materials are in a PDF format. Most computers know how to handle PDF files successfully. The entire Wealth Masterclass course is in *.MP4 format. MP4 video files are a current web video format standard that most computers and smart devices (optimized for smart phones and tablets) are able to play without problems. You may be able to correct any issues by using a different browser. If you do have a problem playing videos please contact support.

About the instructor...

David spent 15 years in public service as the former CEO of two Community Development Corporations (CDC), Director of Economic Development and former Deputy Commissioner of Urban and Economic Development for the city he lives in. After a successful career in public service for 20 years, he left to start his own business. He currently owns a publishing company and is the CEO of the stock market research firm, Strong Market LLC.

He's been an entrepreneur, investor and trader in the financial markets for over 40 years and has developed proprietary trading algorithms used by retail and professional traders, and investment advisors worldwide. He is a frequent guest on the Digital Perspectives YouTube channel, a co-host of the Tradingology Trading Room twice a week and has over 13,000 followers on Twitter (Cryptopolis_x).

DISCLAIMER: Mr. Vallieres is not a registered investment advisor and cannot offer personal investment advice. This Masterclass is for entertainment and educational purposes only.

How Much Is The Class?

The pricing of the Wealth Masterclass is comparable to a college level course you would take at a university or local college which is typically $50-$150 per class hour. The Wealth Masterclass is approx. 14 hours of video instruction, with optional live webinars monthly.
*The course fee includes all course material and live monthly webinars (with time for Q&A) for all students, without additional charge.