Volatility Arbitrage Masterclass

4 Modules 14 Lessons Intermediate

About this course

This strategy seeks to arbitrage the relative levels of volatility between two major market indexes. 

Building from the HLM-I course,  this Masterclass gets surgical and shows ways to remove risk by shortening the amount of time needed to hold positions open by leveraging futures contracts.

Course Structure

Gold Membership
4 Lessons

Vol-Arb Masterclass

Dave and Dan begin to training for the VA strategy

Gold Membership
3 Lessons


Recorded VA trades from 3 different trader view points

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1 Lesson


Download for the indicators and course information

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6 Lessons

Additional Strategy Topics

Continued discussions on the overall strategy

Atomic Entry Review

Here's another overview of how to Enter based on the Atomic Entry method as well as some Exit criteria

This is using a combo of the 5 Minute and 1 Minute charts


Including this Trading Room video as there's some great insight on when to use VolArb, and other trading "tools in our belt"