About Tradingology

The big idea of Tradingology.com is to help traders/investors understand the different ways they can express their views of the markets through the art and science of trading and market moves. Our primary goal is to detail the uses of equity/ETF options or other trading vehicles to help define risk, enhance profits and make use of risk leverage better than currently being used. Most traders of options receive nothing but frustration for their troubles. We help you understand risk, leverage and market mechanics.

Tradingology.com is NOT A TRADING SERVICE, we do not offer advice, we are merely detailing trades that we place, consider placing or observe in the market place. We feature commentary and trading methods, mechanics and structure of trades that are intended to demonstrate the proper way to use risk vehicles such as options and futures to hedge, trade and invest with defined risk.

We are not an investment advisors, registered or unregistered, and hold no industry certifications. There’s huge risk in trading options, equities and other financial instruments which you must be fully aware of before you can trade.

We are retail traders with over 50 years combined experience trading and investing in our own accounts. Our goal is to educate, entertain and elucidate members on the art and science of trading. We highly suggest that any website that promises you success as a trader or how much money you can make is potentially fraudulent. If there’s a better way to trade the markets we will find it, incorporate it into what we do and will help our members understand it as well.