This is the personal trading diary of David Vallieres (that’s me). Just thoughts, insights and more about the trades I am thinking of making, are making or already have made. Enjoy but remember that these are my trades and it’s a diary of my personal musings and should not be contrued as personal invetsment advice. Besides you should do your own due diligence. So read the disclaimers so I don’t offend the wrong letter agency.

Aside from that, I’m totally transparent and post trades I make for educational purposes (my own).The site has a distinctive self-reflective tone because I’m writing for me not you, my audience. It’s meant to be a bit of a reflection of my own trading style so I can go back and review my thinking later – you get to see inside my brain (sometimes it’s not a pretty sight haha). If you get any usefulness from it then that’s a side benefit but not the main purpose of this site.

I am not an investment advisor, registered or unregistered, and hold no industry certifications. There’s huge risk in trading options, equities and other financial instruments which you must be fully aware of before you can trade.

I am an affiliate of the Market Technicians Association ( and a retail trader with over 40 years experience trading and investing for my own account. I’m a former director of economic development for the city I live in and have owned and operated a number of businesses over 40 years which gives me a unique perspective on the assessment of risk, leverage and markets.