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My name is Dave. I’ve been trading for a living full-time since 2005.

A little about me: I started trading when I was 14 using my father brokerage’s account. My first trade was in Syntex stock in the 1970’s and tripled my money. I was hooked but didn’t have money to trade. After 4 years of college majoring in computer science and one year in seminary, I started a family. I have 4 great children and one grandchild. I’ve had a career for 15 years in public service as a Job Developer, CEO of two non-profit community development corporations, Direct of Economic Development and Deputy Commissioner of Urban and Economic Development for the city I lived in. I started trading options in 1987. I started an online business in 1999 selling used and rare books on eBay and listserv’s for extra money. I re-published a Richard Wyckoff classic on trading that was out-of-print in 2000 and several other books. I wrote a book about selling books on eBay in 2001 that became an instant best seller. I started a publishing company to sell books, courses, audios and videos and made a pretty good living for the past 16 years. In 2005 I started trading full-time. In 2008 I created a course on option trading that became an underground classic best seller titled Trading As A Business (aka TradingPro System). In 2014 I started posting ideas, trades and videos on trading on Tradingology.com. My publishing company, InfoProductLab, is the publisher for Tradingology.

I trade full-time from my homes in New York and DC and from an office.

I’d like to help you, if interested, trade for a living too. You can take a peak at my membership site below. I post trades and ideas there because trading is a solitary business and I feel I have something to share. I have a system that works for me.

I wish you the best always,


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